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Excalibur County Primary School

Excalibur in the '60's

I remember some of the people Elaine mentioned. - Anne Pool, Elizabeth Edwards, Peter Mathers. Also Carole and Anne Booth - and Sally ???? - she lived in Holly Lane. Mr. Worral - I thought he was wonderful. I moved to the new school in Ivy lave when I was in my final year at primary school. I lived right opposite the school. The school took away my favourite play area - but I always thought the new school was a vast improvement on the old one. Remember Mr. Molineaux - the headmaster (is that how you spelt his name). He tried to instil a little culture into our lives. - Assemblies always started with Handel or Hyden or some other classical music. His wife tried to teach us a little French. Art lessons included learning about impressionism. I will never forget that. I grew up not being 'afraid' of music and art. Thank you Mr. M.
I moved to Australia in 1966. Although I returned to England for 5 years in my 20's I have returned to Australia and now live in Buninyong, a little town just outside of Ballarat inVictoria. I suspect that one of the reasons I settled in Buninyong is because it reminds me a little of Alsager.

Posted by: Anne Woods on 15 December, 2002 at 10:10:21