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Glass factory in Alsager? - James Bonsall (13 Jun 02)

I'm an archaeologist and recently found a glass bottle with 'Alsager' marked on the base. Was there a glass factory in the town, and are there any contact details that you might be able to furnish me with - local historians or current factory if it still exists?

James Bonsall BA (Hons) MSc PIFA
Archaeological Geophysicist
Director: Abergwesyn Common Archaeological Survey 2002

+ 353 (0) 41 980 1789
+ 44 (0) 777 3876531

Email: James@Earthsound.freeserve.co.uk

Hemming family (12 Jun 02)

I am looking for information about the Hemming family.  Charles Hemming lived at Sunnyside, Alsager.  He died August 22nd 1900.  He was Verger at Christ Church for over 30 years.   He is buried at Christ Church.  Is there any way I can find out if he and his wife  Mary Overton were local people or moved to Alsager from elsewhere in England.  Any help on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Flo Hemming   

Email: hemming@goeaston.net

Postcards for Miss Louie Owen, The Wood, Alsager (12 Jan 02)

Dear Sir /Madam

I have for a long time had in  my possession a number of old postcards(approx100) addressed to a Miss Louie Owen, The Wood, Alsager. They appear to be from her parents sent from all parts of europe and the holy land and dated 1909. I doubt she is still alive but wondered if she had any relatives who would like to have the postcards. (Her parents may have been clergy).

My first query is what is or was The Wood ? a house, boarding school. Can you give me any sort of lead or put me in contact with anyone who may be able to shed some light on the subject.

your faithully

 Mr A Taylor

Email: taylors@level9.co.uk

Website visit (27 Oct 01)

Really good web site thanks.  We lived in Alsager for 14years, but left about 15 years ago.  It has been really good to visit again online without having to suffer the M5 and M6 !  Really nice pictures.  Thanks.

John & Anna Hallett

Email: john.hallett@virgin.net

Recent vacation in Alsager (16 Sep 01)

Just come across your website.

On September 1st yr 2001 we return from a seventeen day vacation, it was our first trip back since 1977. We stayed at the Holly Trees for our vacation, it was a great place to stay. Alsager and the Potteries looked so nice and green, people were very friendly, the pubs and the food were so good. We went to the Wilbraham Arms on two Thursday evening, we also had supper a few times at the Plough Inn.

We enjoyed shopping at the co-op and the post office. We especially enjoy the fish and chips from the Chip store in Alsager and Kidsgrove.

My husband came from Talk Pitts, I came from Basford, we found staying in Alsager was very convenient to the main highways, and the beautiful country side.

It was so nice to be called "luv and duck" again.

Eric and Christine Holford.

Email: christin@emj.ca

Woodhenge - Bryce Cooke (11 Aug 01)

I have been told that there may be a trace etc of a woodhenge near Alsager.
True or false? If true, where, please?


Email: catswhiskers@cwctv.net
also at: bryce.cooke@cwcom.net
check out: www.catswhiskersmedia.cwc.net

Previous trip to Alsager - Kevin Geiger (14 Apr 01)

Hi, my name is Kevin Geiger, I traveled to Alsager approximately 15 years ago to visit a friend that played on my football team when I was in Canada. I now live in Denver, Colorado in the United States. The reason for my email is to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts or how to contact the friends that I made so long ago in Alsager. The first gentlemen's name is Neil Ford. It was at his house that I stayed during my month long visit. We have lost touch. Secondly, there was a convenience store owned by a family I made friends with at the time. The kids at that time were about 16 years old and were named Hazel and Phillip.

If you could be any help it would greatly be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Kevin Geiger

Email: kgdenver@uswest.net

Arthur Mason Wood - Denise Wood Robinson (27 Mar 01)

My grandfather - family records note - was born Arthur Mason Wood on Sept 5, 1892 in Alsager. Are there records that I can access - or send a written request and fee to - that could provide some additional background? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. He immigrate to Canada and then NY, USA after marrying my Grandmother in St. Catherines Ontario in Feb 1921. We can trace my grandmothers geneology but not grand dads.

Denise Wood Robinson
8 Smith Street
Pittsfield, NH 03263
Email: DRobin9302@aol.com

Letter from Sydney - Lesley Mountford (24 June 00)


We have just moved from Alsager to Sydney, Australia (not just down the road!!). Our very good friend Richard Bason sent us you web page address. I'm writing to say how wonderful it was to see the town again, especially from so far away. It certainly eased the homesickness!!

Anyone wishing to e-mail us would be very welcome.

Email: nick_lesmount@optus.com.au

Thanks for a wonderful web page

The Mountford family, formally of Close Lane, Alsager  

Gibson, 12 Cedar Court - Frank Crosby (24 June 00)

We were planning a visit to alsager in the near future. I have relatives in the area but haven't maintained contact with them for many years. their last known adress was: J. Gibson- 12 cedar Court-alsager Sot England-  Do you have any information that might be helpful

Frank Crosby

Email: fcrosby@seidata.com

Relatives of Jessica Bennett, 53 Ivy Lane (22 Jan 00)


I am planning a trip to the UK this summer and plan on visiting your town. My mother was born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent and most recently one of my great aunt's lived in Alsager. I have since been informed that my aunt, Jessica Bennett, has passed away. As my mother is no longer living, it is difficult to obtain information as to relatives who may continue to live in the Alsager area.

How might I go about obtaining this information with regards to Jessica Bennett? Might there be a way of contacting friends that may have known of her ? I know that she lived at 53 Ivy Lane.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions you may have to offer.

Thank you,

Deborah A. Garrahy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Physical Education-Teacher Education
Illinois State University
Campus Box 5121
Normal, IL 61790-5121
(309) 438-5187

Email: dagarra@ilstu.edu

Alsagers Bank (4 Sep 99) - Dayle DeBry

Looking for relatives with the surname "PENLINGTON". In the 1881 census my gr.gr.gr.grandfather, James Penlington, lived at Alsagers Bank Apedale, with his wife Mary Penlington, grandaughter Emily Mann age 15, and grandaughter Emma Penlington age 9.  Any relatives out there?  

Thanks - you have a great web site!  

Dayle DeBry

Email: MDEBRY@prodigy.net

Searching for Alec or Alex Ferguson (24 Apr 99) - Mike Priestley

Mike Priestley of Newark, Nottingham, England, is searching for his father Alec or Alex Ferguson who may have emigrated to New Zealand in the 1940's.

Mike was adopted as a baby. He has traced his natural mother and is now seeking his father but without success to date. All he knows is that his father was an Irish man who lived in Alsager, Cheshire during the 1940's and worked as an assistant at a vet's practice (Lee and Garside).

Mike was told by an elderly member of the vet's practice that his father emigrated to New Zealand in the 1940's.

If anyone has any information at all about Mr Ferguson, please contact Mike at:

19 Ridgway Close
NG22 8DT

or e-mail Freda Maxfield at f.maxfield@mmu.ac.uk

hatchiers ( 26 Mar 99 ) - Sharon Brown

hi loved your web page on alsager i was wondering what happend to the place that  was known as the hatchiers and then it went to southdown hatcheries on sandbatch rd please any info

Email: sharon@scsinternet.com

Anyone still there ...? (20 Mar 99) Peter Ellis


My name is Peter Ellis and I lived in Sandbach Rd Nth, where there is now a housing estate, and what used to be a house & grounds called "Meadowlands". I attended Pikemere Primary for a few years until 1972-3 when my family emigrated to Spain.

I have many a fond memory of the town, before the library was built, and the Comp. school was just to be finished... when a friend (Anthony Jones) lived in a large rambling house opposite the church (house also gone I believe)...

I'd love to hear from anyone who might remember me ...

e-mail me on Alsager@pellis.force9.co.uk


Alsager (29 Dec 98)

I'm located in Oxford,Massachusetts, USA and had the pleasure of visiting your fine town.I'am a Ham Radio operator here and made contact with a member of your community through the radio.We became friends and talked daily.I was then invited to attend his daughters Wedding .My wife and I was able to make it over and enjoyed visiting your wonderful town.I found everyone very friendly there and made us feel right at home.The man that it possible was Graham and Carol Kemp, 27 Shady Grove,Alsager.They are very proud Alsager and showed us a wonderful time there ,its something I'll never forget.I hope to someday to return to visit your town again.

Thanks to Alsager for the fine welcome,

Ronald L. Fisher Sr.

Email: ka1srz@netzero.net

Paula (from Chester)

Hello there,

I've just added a link to your site from our 'Link to Cheshire' page. Hope you don't mind?

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Paula (from Chester)
An Introduction to Cheshire

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