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HMS Excalibur

See also the history page HMS Excalibur for photos and an extract from 'Rating Pilot RN' by Alan Clifford.

There is also a section covering this former naval base in a book produced by the
Alsager History Research Group - see History Tour Guide

Cap Tally (25 Oct 02)

Hi there,

Came across your website whilst looking for cap tallies and found you.. 

I collect cap tallies and was wondering if anybody has an original HMS EXCALIBUR cap tally for sale. I would pay all costs.

If you can help me that would be great , and if not, well thanks anyway for a very interesting website.


June Chambers

Email: juniemoon21@hotmail.com

Navy Training (1 Mar 01)

Where on the map is or was the Navy Training Establishment. I was there in 1946 an I wish to show my grandchildren. What is there now and are there any old pictures. I remember using a whaler was that on the mere??

Paul Woolston

Email: zool@istar.ca

Memories from 1945 (6 Jun 00)

I have been told there is a history published of the Army Camp that was in Alsager where I did my driver training in the Royal Marines in 1945. Could you tell me where I could possibly get some information about this history? There was a mention of the library, but am not sure how to contact the staff there. I am now living in Canada so to visit would be very difficult.

Many thanks,

Donald Clarke

email: laviniac@sprint.ca

HMS Excalibur - Jerry Anderson (27 May 00)

I have been doing some family research and discovered that my uncle was at HMS Excalibur in 1946 - in fact he died there (possible suicide)! I would be interested to know anything about HMS Excalibur - is it where Excalibur Primary School is now ? When my uncle died I presume there would have been an inquest - if somebody could let me know details of the local coroners or which newspaper might have covered the story I would much appreciate any information. I should explain that I do not live in the area and have never visited Alsager therefore I have no local knowledge.

In anticipation thanks for any help.

Jerry Anderson (Harrogate, North Yorks - Tel 01423 780315)
E mail: jerryjauk@aol.com

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