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Parade and Carnival - Mysteries of the East

July 3rd 99

This was the second annual parade and carnival organised by the Alsager 2001 Committee.

The Church Lawton Belles dance troupe (left) gave a performance in Milton Park after the parade. The group meets at Church Lawton Youth and Community Centre on Wednesday evenings.
Tots up to age 7, Tinies to age 11,
Juniors to age 15, Seniors all ages.
Contact: Julie on 0976 667509
The parade finished at Milton Park. There were many stalls and performances by local groups.
One of the highlights was a display of Egyptian belly dancing by Zehara's party theme productions
(with full audience participation!)
Tel: 0161 4874134
Here is a production of 'Cinderella' by a street theatre group from the local campus of Manchester Metropolitan University
This display of natural gemstones and crystals was set up by the Lapidary Shop.
26 Waterloo Rd. Burslem
Tel: 01782 810914
Open Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat 11am-5pm
An opportunity to pan for gold and gems was provided by Michael Pace (left) who is the director of the Natural Science Centre in Newchapel.
This stall was set up by Alsager Community Theatre who meet upstairs in the Library every wednesday at 7.45pm where newcomers are welcome. There are opportunities in Acting/Directing/Costume/
Lighting/Sound/Stage Management/Set Building/Design
The secretary is Constance Moore Tel: 01270 875944.

Other Activities

  • Fortune telling
  • The mighty sound of Steamhead
  • Live music from Distortion and En-hance
  • Face painting
  • Costume making
  • Scarab beetle hunt
  • Mummy wrapping
  • Mr. and Mrs. Noah and their animals
  • Local craft work
  • + many more...

Alsager 2001 Mission Statement

Alsager 2001 is a voluntary organisation set up by a small group of local artists.
We would like to see Alsager Carnival become a regular part of Alsager life. We very much hope that local groups will 'join in' and make the Carnival their own.

The Carnival is a chance for people and groups to come together to celebrate and acknowledge their achievements, to represent Alsager as a whole and to develop our Community Identity.

If you would like to join us or can offer any help please contact:

Alison Thomas: 01270 872050 or
Pat Murphy: 01782 777313

Last Update: 18 Jul 99

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