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Golden Oldie (8 Aug 98)

Greetings from Cape Town SA

Well, well. Alsager on the Net.
My only 'complaint' is - where are all the people who grew up in Alsager prior to 1980? I lived in Alsager as a tot from 1960 to 1967 when we emigrated to South Africa. This Alsager shown here has changed dramatically and there is very little that I recognise anymore but here and there the odd photo brings back a rush of long forgotten memories. But..... where are my contemporaries? I am referring to people like Andrew Belfield, Jeffrey Harnett, Pauline Griffiths, Elizabeth Edwards, Christopher McKey, Peter Mathay or Mather, Lyn Maden, Anne Poole, Roland (?) who used to live in Clowes Avenue, Neera Thappa, John Swan, Michael Annandale, Janet Lancashire. People who remember Mr Worral and Mrs Creed as teachers? Gee, the names are rushing back and it was a long long time ago. The trip down memory lane has been great and I wasn't able to see everything so I will be back. Great site and thanks for the reminders

ELAINE PAYNE nee IBELL (ex-Excalibur)