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Velma Hopwood ( 10 Sep 99 )

I have been watching the Alsager letters page for some months now, and am disappointed to find that there are still only a couple of letters from ex-students of the old Cheshire College of Education - Alsager.

We "girls", Velma Large, Lorna Ashby, Roz Flegg, June Spalding, Claire Eschle, Linda Ayres, Gill Jackson and Val Whitehead are still in touch with each other after nearly 30 years and have many happy memories of our time spent in Woodiwiss South, 1967-1970.

We would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.
Please send all E-Mail to initially, and any correspondence for the others will be passed on.


Complete Madness (3 Jul 99) - Hayley Starr

I too was a student at the old 'I thought I was going to Manchester ..honest' Crewe and Alsager Faculty.
I cannot believe that The Lodge has a website. Hilarious. ( Even though it goes without saying The Lodge was and always will be the best). Anyway it seems that very few old students stumble across this site, which is a crying shame. Good to see Steve Goggin there, I too was on that self same Cultural Studies course I also got a 2.1. (Clever aren't we). From the utterly immemorable...

Hayley Starr.

Email me on:

Alsager College 1982-1986 (5 Jun 99) - Richard Coppock

Hi, I came across your web site and am interested in reaching anyone who attended Alsager College between the years of 1982-86. I studied Special Education and lived on Woodiwiss East Top Floor. I have been living in the USA for the past 12 years and am still a teacher. My list of people to reach is endless but many of you will remember me as "Dicko", the guy who ran "Rag Week" and got into all sorts of trouble with the "yips". If you're out there contact me at (yes, I'm still obsessed with Oxford United F.C.!!!!!!)


Richard Coppock a.k.a. "Dicko"

Looking for Jim or Shirley Jones (16 Jan 99)

It was exciting finding your site on the Internet. It appears that Alsager has changed quite a bit since I roamed its campus and streets way back in 1974. I am an American who studied abroad at Alsager College of Education as part of an overseas program through my university. I lived with the Jones family - Shirley, Jim, Rupert(3 years old at the time) and Gillian (a 1-year old). Jim and Shirley were teachers at the college. I don't know if they still live in Alsager, but if anyone has any information about how I could contact them, I would be most grateful.

The last time I saw Shirley and Gillian was in 1983 in London. We have since lost touch. I may be traveling to England this summer with my family and would love to see them.

My e-mail address is

Thanks very much for any help,

Wendy Rosenberg

Local History Courses (3 Nov 98)

Dear Browsers,

You may have seen the South East Cheshire Studies Unit on the Alsager site. It is a local history resources unit at Manchester Metropolitan University.

SECSU is proposing to offer some short courses leading to a local history qualification. It is hoped that such courses would appeal to professional people like teachers and librarians who may feel they need some training to deal with enquiries, pupil projects or their own local history research. The courses may also appeal to others with more than a passing interest in local history techniques.

It is intended that some of the teaching will be delivered via the Internet using "virtual classroom" techniques and distance learning. Students will be taught to find, research, record and usefully employ evidence from various sources using established methodology and IT. Successful completion will gain a useful qualification.

At this stage we are trying to establish our market. We need to know whether or not these would generate interest and therefore attract students in sufficient numbers to make the courses feasible. Please remember that we are only putting out feelers at the moment and contact will not involve you in any commitment. Your responses will determine the availability and structure of any courses we may offer subsequently and are therefore most welcome.

If you would be interested in learning how to research and write local history or if you have any comments to make on such courses please contact Freda Maxfield on

Andrew Thomson And a lad called Dave...! (20 Feb 98)

Until May of this year I studied at Alsager (Humanities I got a 2:1 with a Major in Cultural Studies). I am looking for some people who would still be students there, (3rd Year). And also any lecturers I met/ knew who may have access to the net..I belive we were all getting at least e-mail access at the beginning of this year (or I would've if I was still there). Any way I am looking in particular for Andrew Thomson (Andy 7...3rd year creative arts EveryOne knows him...he does shifter..Also Dave (I cannot remember his surname but he too does shifter and is notorius...)as well as Emma Neale , Graham (From here on I've forgotten surnames!) Kevin and Sophie who all know Matt Harbour. If he can be contacted he might pass this lot on. Also the e-mail addresses of any Cultural studies lecturers In particular Matthew Harbour, Alan Fair and Joss West-Burnham.. My address is "" You can obviously just reply to this and not worry about the address (You would't know I also took English modules and past!!) You're help would be appreciated With kind regards (and fond memories) Steve Goggin...

Hello Alsager! (7 Oct 97)

I was delighted to see such extensive news on your web site. I was a student at, what was then, Cheshire College of Education. I spent three very happy years there from 1965 - '68. After graduation, I emigrated to Canada, where I have just completed my 29th year!

I think back very fondly of so many good times in your village and of so many wonderful friends I had there nearly 30 years ago. I would be very pleased to hear from anybody who was at the College during those years.

Wes Thomas.
Maple Ridge,
British Columbia,