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Manchester Metropolitan University

Truly great memories

Martin Davies, aka 'Muffa'.
I have VERY fond memories of (Crewe +) Alsager. Attended as a mature student from 1979/80-82 studying p.e. and art. After a further year -at B'ham- gaining an Hons Degree, then went on to teach P.E. and became a (pastoral) Househead.
I well remember #Selwyn Williams, Jack Cope, Les Burwitz and (the 'infamous') Harry Mawdsley as sporting staff. #Saturday and Wednesday afternoons playing football. Was the College Football Club's Captain and won the ''British Colleges' Championship' twice in my three years there. #Sunday mornings in the pottery studio throwing pots. #Hitching to and from Junction 16 of the M6/Sandbach Services to return home fortnightly. #A small, 'tight', personable and friendly, almost 'family-like ambience' MUCH VALUED, ...rather than the multi-national, anonymous feel as at many larger institutions (MMU?). #'Woodiwiss' housed the females; 'Emberton' the rugby players ('nancy boys'(!)); 'Kellett (middle)' the footballers (the heroes). #Returned -overnight- in the late 1980s to spend/sleep a restful Saturday night in 'Woodiwiss' as part of a (half-way stage) 150 mile sponsored bicycle ride from N.Wales to Coventry. [A Saturday night in (all-girl in my time there) 'Woodiwiss' was something many of my testosterone-filled, free-from- parental-suppression-for-the-first-time fellow (p.e.?)-students aspired to during/throughout that time.] #...amongst many other things. Truly great memories. 'Muffa'.

Posted by: Martin Davies on 02 February, 2015 at 00:44:01