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Manchester Metropolitan University

Alsager TC 1961-64

Anyone out there from Alasager TC 1991-94.

In particular PE and or Wordsworth. Remember the days of the Nissan huts and the Brew Clubs...wild days indeed.
Who raised the chickens on the roof for Christmas. Where did the Burma Star end up?
Did Norman (geography tutor) recover from his soaking and dive into the foundation trenches.

What are the jones boys Alfyn, Alun, and Pete, Willie, Wobble, and Ram up to these days.

I migrated to Oz immediately after leaving in 64 but come back to visit. Next in July 04. Is anyone interested in a get together and a pint or two at the Bleeding Wolf.

I did manage to have lunch with John Needham, Jack Cope and Jim Jones on a previous visit.

Hope to hear from someone. Cheers, Alan Jones

Posted by: Alan Jones on 19 July, 2003 at 13:23:45