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Manchester Metropolitan University

Great Food or What!

So r all u students earning big bucks now x can afford to eat?
I was not a student but I use to work in the kitchen mainly Alsager campus x a yr or 2 at Crewe. Between the late 1980's x early 1990's mainly on the afternoon shift, the one that use to have more fun!
Can u remember the Rag weeks? shaving foam pies for the kitchen staff, yuk! Graduations when we got to meet your parents, oh the stories we could tell, finding nude pic's of the boyfriend in our bins, just before mum x dad came to visit.
I hope you have all found the careers you where looking for x enjoying the daily grind.
Thanks for the laughs x memories. I can remember one cute guys nick name Boots, he was small x dark played rugby thats about all I can remember. Oh x to the girls who use to complain that we gave the guys more food, yep u were rite.
Drop me a line.

Posted by: Julie. Ex Kitchen Staff. on 09 January, 2002 at 01:54:25