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Manchester Metropolitan University

Student at Alsager 1965-68

It was so encouraging to come across a website dedicated to past students. I was at Alsager from 65-68 during a period of great transition at the College as new buildings gradually replaced the old. Perhaps some of you reading this will remember some of those there at the time: John Elsby,Spike Elliot,Christine Robinson, Ruth Roberts, Linda Philips,Roger Williams-Wigley, Colin Yardley,Sue Bridge,Ray Mellor-the list seems endless. I was part of the 'famous' Emberton South Soil Band which flourished briefly during the summer of 68. What a marvellous time for music-all those sixties classics. Life seemed so much less complicated then. I really miss the College as it was then and all the people i met and befriended. I often wonder how they are all doing. I do hope that life has been kind to them. As I say to my own daughters both of whom are at University-'enjoy every moment,because for perhaps the only time in your life you will be surrounded by people of your own age from all over the country and you'll be able to enjoy a great degree of freedom but still be under pastoral care.' I am sure there are many who remember Alsager College of Education with great fondness. I was part of a very busy folk scene at the College and I remember those who sang and played: Tud and Stu,Ivor Roberts,John Dyer and Ivor Sindall,Martin Watts and Chris France. I remeber the two large concerts we gave in the summer of 68-so much talent on college. I've had the privelige of taking my music abroad and watched my daughters dance in jerusalem. I do hope many of those who sang and played have had opportunity to develop their music as I have been allowed to do. So wherever the classes of 64,65 and 67 are we are all linked together by the experience of what I believe was a great College with a wonderful atmosphere. I would love to hear from anyone from that time. My e-mail address is My home is in Tonbridge,Kent where I'm a Deputy Head at a Primary School.

With warmest best wishes,
Roy Etherton

Posted by: Roy Etherton on 16 March, 2001 at 22:19:57