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Alsager Alumni/Past Students/Old "Boys and Girls"

For longer than I care to remember I have sought to link up with a web page that could connect
me to friends from Alsager College 1968-1971.
I have emailed Alsager College, surfed the sites, used every search engine available and could
not find a link. Eventually I called the college, no result! Then I decided to visit the MMU site
and go through it methodically.
At last I found the Student Friends Homepage.............. at last a link. In all sincerity I
do believe that there is a challenge in how the connection is made with the page and the title.
I would suggest that a connection is pasted on the Alsager and Crewe homepage that is clear,
hence my rather strange subject heading...Alumni, Past Students.
Perhaps I have missed something on the Alsager site but would you consider the challenge.
"Lets go look up the old college, see if we can raise a connection with Schlep or Jenko,
wonder where in the world they are now?"  The key words for search will be "Alsager" 
especially if like myself you have been abroad for years, blissfully unaware of the changes in
British educational institutions! To find a link on the home page would be a great plus, probably
gaining more hits as the word spreads and past students visit to see if they can still recognise
the old stomping grounds. It's good to know that Mr. Wesley has a building named in his
honour, a fine way to remember his contribution to education.
Perhaps it is age, net literacy or too much association with universities in the USA but a
simple well described link would make the desire to catch up with dear friends much easier to
accomplish and enable a few balding old teachers (men of course!) to get together one
summer and relive the glory days! Hey perhaps there may be a few old flames out there too!
I think it is age and the desire to meet before it is too late, the advantage is the web and the
ability to communicate from wherever, the "link" is important.
Thanks for considering the suggestion.
Stuart Reeves

Posted by: Stuart Reeves on 04 March, 2001 at 17:08:08