IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a temporary page and is not a mouthpiece for Quarry Action Group.
It will be removed as soon as they can find someone to set up their website and email address.

Quarry Action Group

Latest News

Application 7/P05/1148 was withdrawn via email sent on the night before the planning committee meeting on 2 Nov.
However this is not the end of the matter and it is likely that a revised application will be submitted in a month or two when the fuss has died down and the level of apathy has increased.

There are also some other outstanding quarry issues which need to be addressed:-

Email Address:

The group now has its own email address:-

Email and phone calls received will be picked up by the appropriate sub-group:-
eg. noise/pollution/lorry traffic/copies of objections/wildlife/research/planning rules + many others
There is no official spokesperson or chairman.

There is also a mailing list for people who want updates on planning applications past, present and future.
To get on/off the list just send an email to the address below with the word 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

Quarry Footpath

There is a footpath that runs through the main quarry area.
The path is not well known, even to people who live in the area, so a large scale map has been produced.
It is an interesting and educational walk for family and friends and the coffee shop at the garden centre is a convenient starting point.