The plan for the new Co-op store in Alsager should go ahead

14 May 10:   AGAINST
Here is a link to my argument. It was a bit lengthy for this site to I've made a page on my own site for it.
Please read it and comment in these forums. I would really like to know what more people in the area make of the proposal as there seems no other public forum on the matter.

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18 May 07:  
i personnely feel the plans to improve the coop should not be allowed i think its time to look at their empty shop across the road if they wernt so bothered about competition within the food market maybe we could have had something like a farmfoods or iceland as alsager lacks these cheap means of living instead we have pay the coop`s ridiculous prices wich of course are scandalous ha ha!
25 Feb 05:   OTHER INFO
The Co-op plans were approved at the council meeting on 22 Feb 2005.
Th voting was 7 councillors in favour with 2 against (77% in favour)
There were 351 letters of objection received by the council.
21 Sep 04:  
It seems a bit pointless putting up a new building when there is a large vacant boarded up premises just across the road from the existing Co-op.
21 Sep 04:   FOR
I am for because I would like to see more choice and better fresh vegeatables,but I would like to see the coop use the old Liptons Store (which is boarded up)for which they hold the lease used after developement, as part of their non food services eg Electrical Goods, Travel,Pharmacy,Funeral Services, possibly Flowers.
I would also like to see a public work of art or water sculpture in Milton gardens if the play area goes there.
21 Sep 04:   OTHER INFO
If you have any queries or comments on the proposed new Co-op store, you can contact United Co-operatives directly by telephoning the redevelopment hotline on 0845 006 2100, emailing or writing to the freepost address: United Co-operatives Ltd, FREEPOST NAT20797, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 5BR.
16 Sep 04:   FOR
There should be a large water feature in front of the new store and a couple of benches to make up for the lack of public access to the Mere.
16 Sep 04:   AGAINST
The area in front of the existing store is a busy pedestrian crossing point so it would not be a good idea to make it an access for traffic into the main car park
15 Sep 04:  
The existing store already sells flowers and house plants. There are two local flower shops that would be driven out of business.
The massive new building would cast a shadow over the nearby Highfields primary school.
14 Sep 04:  
If you are a mother with a young child you would want to have a close facility to the shop. Some children will now have to cross a busy road. People get used to having a facility and to change the location without proper replacement is not acceptable
The new store will be built on the existing site plus land at the rear that is currently a playground.
A new playground will be created in a better location for children and parents at Milton Park.
An improved vehicle access from Lawton Road to Fairview car park will take pressure of the nearby traffic light junction.
Security will improve as the new store will face directly onto the Fairview car park and more people will be coming to and fro.
High quality design using traditional masonry will create a store that fits in with the character of the existing town centre.
A wider selection of fresh produce will be on offer in the new store.
A new pedestrian crossing on Lawton Road and improved pedestrian access to Fairview car park will make it easier and safer to access the store and neighbouring shops.
Wednesday's market will remain and should benefit from the new pedestrian links between the car park and the other shops on Lawton Road.
The new store will sell a wider range of products including fresh flowers and house plants.
The development will create 20 new jobs within the new store and represents a 4 million investment by United Co-operatives.
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