There should be proper public access to the Mere

7 Jun 05:   AGAINST
No council money is used to maintain the mere. Only the two gardens are maintained by the council.

There is a serious problem with people stealing boats from gardens so they can easily get around the mere to steal items from other gardens and sheds. Creating public access will only worsen this situation.

I have done extensive scientific surveys of the mere, and have found that it would be extremely dangerous for people unfamiliar with the waters (i.e. everyone). This is due to a huge accumulation of rubbish (over at least 100 years) such as glass and metal. I have found a sizable quantity of ASBESTOS, which is still present. I have also found LIVE AMMUNITION! A good portion of the lakebed is covered in weeds that cannot be seen from the surface. These could tangle around swimmers feet, which has it obvious dangers. I know of at least one death allready caused by this.
During the summer, an open Mere could become an unsupervised swimming area thwart with danger. Council money would therefore be required to maintain it and keep it safe. The latter I feel is practically impossible.

If you would like more details of the research I have performed, then please see my developing website
8 Oct 04:   FOR
Am I right in thinking that a portion of everyone's council tax in Alsager goes towards maintenance of the Mere? If so, don't you think we should all be able to enjoy the amenity?
21 Sep 04:  
The residents of the houses backing onto the Mere should be given a choice:-

a) Re-open the public footpath around the lake which they unlawfully blocked many years ago.
b) The Council will exercise compulsory purchase on a couple of properties and then demolish them.
20 Sep 04:  
Paddling would be quite dangerous at Northolme Gardens because of all the broken glass. However if the depth could be reduced at this point using infill then reeds could be planted to discourage paddling. Then the iron bars could be removed.

Why should only a few people enjoy the mere. There should be better public facilities and we can hold the carnival there next year!
The public are very stupid and if they see an open stretch of water they throw themselves in. So every lake needs iron bars.
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