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Q: Sleepy village
I am 17 from Liverpool, and i have been 2 alsager quite a few times as a friend of mine lives there. I have noticed that the only place youths have to go is the 'Skatepark' or the normal park and get drunk or stoned. I would just like to comment that Alsager is about as lively as a funeral parlour! There should be more facilities available to keep these teenagers out of trouble and away from drugs and sh*t. anyway i hope that you take the time to consider my comment, God knows theres not much else to do around there, and leave me reply
Thanx :D

A: Hi Mimi,

I agree, Alsager needs some more vitality for our Youth. I am involved with AYP (Alsager Youth Project) and we often lobby the Council for monies, as well as providing facilities direct. Getting the funding is the hard part, but we have to keep on trying!

Q: internet cafe
why not use one of the large empty shop in the town and use it as a internet cafe where the public can use it in the day and young oeople can use it at night for gaming or chating to freinds as not all younsters have home computers would that not solve the problem of them hanging round in the nightime
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A: Hi Maz,

Thanks for your email.

The idea you have is a sound one in theory, but unfortunately there is a practical problem. The interior condition of the building you speak about is very poor. Therefore somebody would need to raise a serious sum of money for the renovation. This is unlikely to happen because the freehold is (to my understanding) not available for purchase right now.

All the best,

Andy Large