Ask Andrew


Q: Streetscape
I am interested to understand what people's view of the Streetscape is in Alsager West? What are the major issues for Congleton Borough Council right now?

( Sent in by Andy Large )
I think the Streetscape department has had a positive impact on Alsager West. I know others who feel the same.

Different people will have different views regarding the main issues for CBC. Personally I see proving value for money for the Council Tax payer as being an ongoing shortcoming.
Q: Why does the street light in your close not work?
A: Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting in touch. I noticed this a couple of days ago actually and have reported it to CBC. I expect the bulb is faulty. I will keep pushing for action.

All the best,

Q: Traffic Passing through Alsager
I am somewhat concerned at the amount of traffic passing along Crewe Road. Being a resident on this road I seem to spend a lot of time trying to get off my drive. What doesn't help is the number of vehicles parked on the road.

I would suggest that double yellow lines on Crewe Road be extended between Hall Drive and the new island at the end of Crewe Road.

This will benefit traffic along Crewe Road as there should not be any more blockages.

I appreciate that you may think I am commenting purely selfishly but it does affect rather a lot of people

A: Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch. This is a thorny problem and I do understand your situation. Many people have contacted me to complain about this issue and I drive along that stretch every day. I know it is busy!

I don't think double yellow lines will help because although they will ease the traffic flow it will (I think) increase the speed of the traffic (because there are no blockages). So we would substitude some traffic bottle necks for increased traffic speed. Not a great trade off in my view. Tyically speed causes much more danger.

I will be honest in saying I don't have a solution to this issue at present. I would just appeal to all drivers to be mindful of other road users and people like you trying to get off their drive!

Sorry I don't have an answer.

All the best,


( Sent in by Amazed (living close to Crewe Road) )
I can't believe the answer to this one! Surely it is the job of the police to make sure that people keep within the speed limit along Crewe road? Does the council REALLY expect people to park their cars in the road to act as traffic calming?

There are accidents along this stretch of road several times a year due to people trying to beat oncoming traffic past the parked cars and mis-judging it. I also drive it every day. Frustration exists on both sides, either you wait ages for somebody to let you through, or you get pulled out on by somebody coming the other way. If the council doesn't care how long it takes to get out of your drive, surely it can't ignore the fact that there is a safety issue here?

And whilst I'm talking it about it, tea times around the take aways is another accident just waiting to happen with cars forced to park on the pavements or a considerable distance away on the car parks (use of which is not encouraged by the obstructive one way system on Cross St - they put it in the wrong way round). For god's sake, who took away half the parking to service those new flats?

I think the council should prioritise the safety of the people of Alsager rather than just putting the take away's together all the time so their litter pickers don't have to walk through the whole village on a Saturday morning.