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Q: sk8 parks mint
errrrrrrrrrrr this aint reli a question but i just wanna say y is it dat people at the skate park get blammed 4 everyfibnk? specially on a friday night? itsnormally drunks not people at the sk8 park k ? bixxx bi hannah 10GM

A: Hi Hannah,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I agree, it is unfair if the skaters get blamed for everything. Where I can, I have tried to discourage this view and to encourage the Police to forge links with all members of society, to reduce crime. I think this is beginning to work in Alsager but there is still a very long way to go.

All the best,

Q: skatepark wall
yo i was just wondering is the wall in the skatepark a legal graffiti wall, cus in the past theres been many graff productions down there with local talented graffiti writers. So i just wondered if it was ok to go down and paint, plus if it aint at the moment you may want to consider it being turned into a legal wall since it is a skatepark and would get rid of that nasty green paint lol!!!

A: Thanks for getting in touch Mark.

I don't *think* the wall is intended as a Graffiti wall, but may have become one by default over the years! Can I suggest you contact Congleton Borough Council and ask about this. The address is

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Q: skatepark
Dear Andy, what are the future plans for the skatepark? Is the half pipe being taken down?


A: Hi Mark,

Sorry it has taken a while but I have an answer for you now :

Steve Jones at Congleton Borough Council told me in a letter that "Following comments from Cllr's and residents re. the safety of the skate park, I asked our Safety Advisor to carry out an audit on it. This audit identified a number of issues that it was not financially viable to correct .... ie the repairs would have cost almost as much as a replacement. Consequently, I asked the Town Council whether they agreed with me that the best option was to remove the existing site pending a replacement in the Milton Park scheme. The TC agreed with this and consequently the structure will be removed."

.. I hope this information is useful to you.

All the best,

Q: Skatepark
Yeah i go to the skatepark all the time and i just wanted to know why did you pull down the half pipe!? And to some guy who said the "grebo" people cause trouble yeah wellwe dont we are quite its all your chavs that go around braking windows that you have to be bptherd about and how do skaters amke grebos ther 2 compleatly diffrent things trust me!

Q: skatepark
hi , i have lived in alsager for all 21 years of my life and am constantly shocked by the new 'grebo' youth groups tarnishing our town.I would like to hear your comments on the suggestion that the skatepark has actually incrreased/promoted the practice of youngsters loutish/rude/hoolaganistic behaviour on our streets rather than solved it!!!

A: Hi Tim,

This is an interesting question. I don't think there is any empirical data to prove the point either way, it is all about perception.

It is true to say there are a few yougsters who engage in loutish behaviour and who also use skateboards. But there are lots of Skateboarders who are very pleasant and friendly and not like this. Equally there are a few young louts who are not Skateboarders at all. So we have a mixed picture, where a few rotten apples spoil the barrell and I would guess this is much the same as before the skate ramp was built.

I am absolutely in favour of providing more facilities for young people in Alsager, because I think there is precious little ro most of them to do at the moment.

Thanks a lot for an interesting question.

All the best,


( Sent in by Rob Miller Email: )
I agree. I myself am a skateboarder, and have found that non-skater youths have ruined both the atmosphere at the 'skatepark' and the reputation of skateboarders in general; as a result, the skatepark has fallen into both disuse and disrepair. Part of the problem is the location of the skatepark; it being enclosed offers an attraction for those wishing not to be seen.

And also, I resent the fact that loutish behaviour is automatically associated with skaters because it happens in close proximity to the ill-planned facility provided for us. Also, usage of the term 'grebo' does little to convince me of your intelligence.


Rob, 16.

( Sent in by Richard Sutton )
This year's carnival will feature a new event for skateboarders on the ramp.
On Saturday June 19th there will be a demonstration display by a professional skater and then a series of competitions in different age groups for skaters, boarders and bmxs.
All competitors can register at the ramp from 12.30 on the day. A cup will be awarded to the overall winner.

( Sent in by gimpeth judy )
oh my god. "tarnishing our town" are you stupid? you sound absolutely pathetic, go and crawl into a corner and cry you little girl.
There is a group so called "grebos" but they don't do anything,
if you actually opened your eyes you'd realise who the real loutish/rude/hooligans are.Its T' drunks...End of