Ask Andrew


Q: acess to shops
can you get me a plan of the shops on crew road shops as i would like to find out how many shops have got acess ramps for wheelchairs as a user i cant get into most shops and as from oct 4 2004 they are suposed to be acessable

A: Hi Maz,

Good to hear from you again. You are absolutely right about this issue. I will try to get you a plan from the Council.


Andy Large
Hi Andrew,

Have you heard that 2 supermarkets will be opened in Alsager and the Campus of MMU will be moving out of Alsager.


A: Hi Tinapy,

Nice to hear from you again!

MMU certainly will begin to vacate Alsager soon. There are interesting times ahead for the vacated site I expect.

With regards to supermarkets, the debate is still open. Personally I favour an expanded CO-OP shop to ensure the shopping needs of Alsager are met.

Q: flower shop near fields road
require telephone number please

A: Sorry, I have no idea on that one!