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Q: family meal?
Hi Andy

I am looking for somewhere to book a family meal out around Alsager on Boxing Day - there will be around 10-12 of us. I'm looking for a dining pub, and I had considered The Plough, but really I'm looking for something with a bit more distinctiveness than this chain pub.

We need to have the place be reasonably spaced inside, as some of the party have limited mobility. Quite prepared to travel a few miles to find somewhere good...

Any suggestions/ideas!?!

A: Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

My personal opinion is that the dining pubs in Alsager are not of a high standard. I think I have sampled most of them relatively recently. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the Wilbraham Arms, but I have experienced quite slow service and average (at best) food there, so I cannot recommend it.

We have better dedicated restaurants in Alsager, I feel. The Chinese Garden always serves tasty food and the recent change of ownership does not seem to have had a negative impact. Indian Heaven and Indian Spice are also good, although could improve by being a bit more imaginative.

In my humble view the best two dining pubs near here are the Hand and Trumpet (Wrinehill, near Betley) and The Broughton Arms at Balterly. Both serve great food at great prices. For your purposes I would suggest the Hand and Trumpet because it is very spacious indeed.

All the best,

Andy Large

Q: New Bar
Hi Andy, I'm moving to alsager in the next few months.
I've heard that there is a new bar opening on bank corner, i wanted to ask what you know about this project and what you think of the addition to the village?

A: Hi Vicki,

Thanks for your email.

I realise the bar stirs both positive and negative emotions in people. My personal view is that I am broadly in favour of the project because it will regenerate a building that has been empty for years. It really has been a blot on the landscape! Hopefully this new investment will draw some prosperity back into Alsager's rather "down at heel" high street. I know others feel the same as me, but recognise that we must be careful to challenge drunken and rowdy behaviour where it occurs.

All the best,

Q: Distance between pubs
I wish to express my concerns about the distance between the Mere, Lodge, Plough combo of drinking establishments in Alsager. The proximintity of the Lodge to the Mere is ideal, however the Plough is far to distant. I propose that planning permission is given for a new theme pub somewhere closer to the centre of the village.

A: Yes, a nice idea ;) ... I'll keep you posted on that planning permission!

( Sent in by m0nks Email: )
Great idea. we could call it the "Bog and Bullet" in homage to Alsager's industries! But seriously though!

The council ofices will make a great pub. I look forward to seing Tommy Porthole and the rest occpling bank corner; it is a public space and should be made into somewhere where the public can meet. Hey, most of Alsager now holidays in France, so why not have a cafe and boulvard on "Banky C"