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Q: New resident
hi Andrew
My husband, Tony, and I are hoping to move to Alsager within the next few months. We are moving from SE London because Tony's job is relocating to Manchester.
We think Alsager is lovely and we are both looking forward to living there but at the same time we are anxious because it will be a huge lifestyle change for us. Our three sons are all adults and settled 'down south' so we have no young children to help us make friends. What is the best way for us to get to know people and become part of the community?
We visited this weekend and found everyone really friendly, but we are leaving behind 30 years of living in Greenwich, so it is quite difficult to even imagine how we start again!
We are both avid readers, enjoy local history, I like art (looking at and doing) and Tony runs marathons and enjoys folk music and real ale!

A: Hi CS,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It is not easy to suggest a simple way of forging links with the local community. However there are a number of observations I would make :

- We have an excellent University of the Third Age that meets very regularly in Alsager. I am sure you would rapidly make friends there. It seems very social.

- We have well established Round Table and Rotary clubs.

- Alsager regularly hosts art classes. Contact Alsager Library for further details.

- I am fairly certain Alsager has a history society, again you could find details at Alsager Library.

- I don't think Alsager has an established athletics or real ale club. We do have a number of great pubs though. My favourite is the Wilbraham Arms. The Wilbraham Arms has a regular jazz night which seems quite folksy at times so you may enjoy that.

I do hope this helps!

All the best,


Q: childrens before and after school care
hi we hope to move to alsager with in the next six months we have a 7 year old son do you no of child care that provide to and from school care? we need them to open around 7.15am till 5.30ish pm thanks

A: I am not sure myself but suggest you contact Whizz Kids on 01270 879 282.
Q: elm grove
hi i have just been offered a house on elm grove im very worried as i have had people telling me its a bad place and others saying its nice could u tell me your opinion

A: Hi Karen,

Thanks for your message. I really do not have a view about this street. I think the whole of Alsager is actually very nice and you will always find different opinions about the same place. One suggestion would be to go and talk to the residents and see what they think.

Sorry that I cannot be of more help.