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Q: Phone masts / planning permission
1) Does the council have a map showing the positions of mobile phone and other transmitter masts in the area and is there any reason why this map cannot be published on the council website ?

2) Does the council have any records of the amount of power being radiated by each transmitter ?

3) Has the government issued an 'advisory' to local councils saying that planning objections based on health grounds are to be discounted ?
Does the council have any discretion in this matter?

A: 1. I don't beleive there is currently a map kept because not all the masts require planning permission. Therefore it would be hard to make this available to the public. If there is a serious demand for this then I would be happy to look into it but I think we could end up incurring some aggressive costs to get this information. I am mindful to try to keep costs as low as possible as it affects our tax level.

2. Not to my knowledge, because not all masts require planning permission. But I can assure you that all the equipment is regulated by law.

3. Yes. If the Council turns down transmitter locations on health grounds, my understanding is that we would be unlikely to be able to defend our decision successfully at appeal.

( Sent in by alan )
I have discovered there is a national database of mast locations at
You can type in your postcode and it displays a map showing the
local masts as blue triangles. When you click on the triangle it
shows the transmitter power and name of the operator.
You can also zoom in on a map of the UK however the triangles dont
appear until you get to the largest scale.