Ask Andrew


Q: Alsager Arts Centre Tuesday 23th October
Dear Andrew

I am Inge from leonard performance band, who is performing at Alsager Arts Centre on Tuesday next week. We have made a show about grass, where we incoporate local grass-stories from the places we perform. Such as grass events, field events, historical events happening on grass and the likes. Do you have any tips on the grass of Alsager?

All the best, and hope to see you on Tuesday

Best, Inge Agnete Tarpgaard

A: Hi Inge,

Sorry, grass is not something I know much about!

Andy Large
Q: What is happening with the MMU site in Alsager
When is the Alsager site of the MMU due to close down and what are the current plans for re-development of the site

A: Sir,

Thanks for your email.

My understanding is that MMU will leave Alsager in 2010, but I do not work for them.. Can I suggest you contact them direct at the below URL to get the most up to date info.

As to current plans for the site, they are under discussion at Congleton Borough Council at the moment. My understanding is that no final designs have been approved at this stage, but that there will most likely be some housing and light business at the site.

All the best,