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Q: m6 toll
HI Andrew
This is a major issue not just to Alsager but to the country as a whole and yet we have heard very little on the subject.Contrary to popular belief it is not just road widening but it could be a complete new 3 lane expressway,no route has been decided as yet but an interchange is possible at Barthomley.What happens to Hassle ! Green,Coronation ave .Near Radway,they had problems here with the peat on m6 construction in the 60s. The loss of land,woodland,s.s.s.i ,polution ,global warming e.t.c is worrying I dont know what is going on ,what plans there are ,do you?, but what I do know if this goes through then it is just the start.
Thanks Steve Jones
ps I am just concerned for the health of the future generation and I am not a member of any org.

A: Hi Steve,

Thanks for your message: This is a very interesting topic indeed and one that is close to my own heart. I too am concerned about the threat of a new motorway very near to us. I share your concerns about our local environment but am equally seriously worried about noise pollution.

So far I have seen no plans whatsoever for the new road so it is very difficult to say what the potential impacts will be. Once a definite proposal is put together (which I expect will take a long time) there will be a chance to examine it and comment at the appropriate level of detail. You can rest assured I will putting the interests of local people first!

All the best,