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Q: Adshead at Radway Green
Does anyone remeber Nelly Adshead working at Radway Green during WW11?

Q: drake hall munitions
My mother worked at drake hall through the 2nd world war, I have a hard backed a4 book with lots of photos which was made up just before the end of the war,the question is my mum met my father at this place whilst he was a sergeant in the what i believe to be ministry of defence police,looking after the munitions factory, his name was harold disley and my mum annie elizabeth louise murphy,
are there any staff records possibly local regarding my dad anywhere I could research, the MOD are not the most forthcoming in regards to records for their staff even though my dad has been dead thirty five years, thanks.

Q: It's Green and came down the stream
What was it late afternoon on the 23rd March 2008 noticed by Dog Walkers, whatever it was it soon atracted the attention of the local Fire Brigade,who observed from the Railway end of Cedar Avenue green flowing water, there isn't much they could do, by the time they arrived it had probably reached Chester, but what was it? hopefully a report will appear in one of the local press magazines,I will have Photographs if anyone is interested.

Q: early history
Where can I find out about Alsagers earlist history. Are there any publications??

A: Hi Angela,

Thanks for getting in touch. There are a lot of publications, an excellent one being by James Sutton of Alsager. It is called "Alsager
The Place and its People". You can find out more here (paste the link into your browser):

Other sites to look at are :

All the best,


Q: Lyncroft - English Electric Hostel
Hi Andrew,
I have a website all about the Deuce computer which was manufactured by English Electric at Kidsgrove in the 50s early 60s.
( )
Together with many others I stayed at the EE Hostel named Lyncroft.
On the webpage, the item by David Green (who now lives here in Perth)
is about his first day in Alsager and arrival at Lyncroft.
I am planning an additional page about Lyncroft and have some background material from Jeremy Walker who was a long term resident.
"Lyncroft? Yes, that picture is correct: you are also correct in that there was a rear-entrance and parking. We used to play croquet on that lawn! I spent several years there both before I went to the States in Jan. '61 and also when I came back in October '61. You might like to know how Lyncroft became the EECo. Hostel.

In the mid-fifties there were a number of Hostels around the Munitions Factory, (Royal Ordnance) at Radway Green near Swynerton: they were built during the War (#2) to house the munitions workforce. The Hostels, which were some miles apart, were all called after Sea Captains, thus Nelson Hall, Drake Hall, Frobisher Hall and others. After the War, Radway Green was closed and the Halls used for other purposes, thus Nelson Hall became a Ladies Teacher-training College but Frobisher Hall was used, unaltered, to provide accommodation for, amongst other Companies, EECo., unmarried or transient Staff.

In 1954, as a Student Apprentice, I transferred from the Traction Division of EECo to the Industrial Electronics Division, just then moving out of Stafford Works to the newly-built factory at Kidsgrove. I was accommodated at Frobisher with about 15 others in the 19 to 30 years old range, some of whom now worked at Kidsgrove. Sometime in the late '50s, the Hall closed which left about 15 Graduates with nowhere to live.

The Chief Engineer at Kidsgrove, J K Todd, wanted to look after his Young Men and EECo bought Lyncroft and set it up as a Hostel. QED."

I would be interested if you can add any more detail.

Cheers from Sunny Sydney - John

A: Sir,

Thanks for your message. I am sorry but I am not able to add any more detail to this fascinating tale, other than to mention that I suspect Nelson Hall became Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager Campus. Sadly this site is due to shut down over the next five years and will most likely be developed for housing.

Andy Large

Q: h.m.s. Excalibur 1943
Hi Andrew.
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can you help.


john russell

A: I will try to fix this. Thanks.

Q: Alsager Hall (re school House)
Hello, my mother Norah Burston was raised with all her brothers and sisters in the old school house she said it was part of the old Hall, my grandad Lockett his wife was Janet Locket, he was head game keeper for the Lawson family, my mom was born 31st Aug 1927 and sadly died this Aug 07, would anyone have any information of this family living and working at around this time, I should be gratefull for any history from my Mom's side of the family. Thank you Victoria Louise Jenkins Great Grandfather I belive his christian name was Arthur? Lockett

Q: victorian houses in alsager
where can i find information about victorian houses in Alsager for a school project

A: Sorry Eleanor, I am not sure.

You could try talking to estate agents like Stephenson Browne maybe?

Q: Highfields school 1960's
Is there any source of information about the history of Highfields School. I attended school there in the mid 1960's.Thankyou.

Mark Akehurst

A: Sorry, I have no idea!

Andy Large