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Q: Family History
I am trying to find any long lost relatives of mine. I know that my Gt.Gt Grandparents came from the Alsager region in the late 1700's, and they also came from Northenden. I believe that my
Gt.Gt. Grandparents were Thomas Proctor, and his wife was called Hannah. As my father was a Roman Catholic and we were all brought up as R.C's, I assume that they were also Catholics. Hope you can help. Kindest Regards,
Peter Proctor.

A: Hi Peter,

Via email I will forward you contact details for Alsager's genealogy society who may be able to help.

Best regards,

Q: Audley Rd Grocers
Hi Andy,
I am researching my family tree, I know my great grandad George Alexander Wright and his wife Mary Sophia(nee Bull) had a grocer's shop in Audley Road,Alsager in 1895(no street number was given on Cencus) and am wondering if the one in the photo (opposite the station) is the same one. My Gran Millicent Lucy Anne Wright was born there and had five brothers, Harold, Edward/Ernest, John H, Frederick N, and Thomas B. There was also a Lucy Wilding mentioned on the cencus, as a servant. I hope to come up to Alsager in the near future, (I live in Wiltshire) so the shop would be a good place to start my search. Also with all those brother's I am hoping there may be some descendants of them still in the area. My Mum and Nan, both gone now, were very secretive about their past, I now know it was because Mum was born illegitamately when Nan was 22 and she was disowned by her whole family. If you cannot help, can you point me in the direction of someone who may be able to. Could it be the shop of George Alexander, and even still be owned by a "Wright"? No search can be that easy though can it. Thanks, Stephanie,

A: Sorry Stephanie I have no idea, but I will send you an email address for a gentleman involved in Alsager local genealogy. He may be able to help.

Thanks and regards,

Q: Victoria and Len Laylor
Victoria is an old school friend I am trying to find. My last contact is many years ago when they where teachers in the area. I thin at one of the schools in Alsager. Can anyone help with info as to their whereabouts.

A: Hi Lynne,

Thanks for your message.

Sorry, I do not know these people. If anyone else reading the bulletin board can help, please let me know.