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Q: Plane Crash
Hi Andy,

Are you the same Andy Large that used to work as a teenager at fryers, Yellow sacks and all weathers? I did! but forget that.

Just been watching Midlands today, and their was a piece of news about a plane crash in Alsager around the Cricket Club area in 1942. Now i used to live in Alsager for 27 years, and have had family living there going back to the 1930's. But this is the first I heard about it. The story was about pilot from Bristol, lost in bad weather, hit a tree with one of his wings and crashed, killing him instantly. A gentleman from Alsager was on the news recalling the incident, He Lived near to the tennis club in those flats.

A: Hi Robbie,

Yes, that's me, I used to work at Fryers!

Never heard of the plane crash I am afraid, so I cannot help you with any details. Sorry about that. I will update this site if I hear anything.

All the best,

Q: Is there a food factory in Asager?
A: Yes, it is called Freshpak I think.