Ask Andrew


Q: Andy Wood
I'm a friend of Andy Wood who owned Brereton Hall from the mid 90's until recently. I would like to get in touch with him. If you know of his whereabouts please would pass on my details and ask him to contact me.

A: Hi Wayne,

Sorry, I do not know that name, but if anyone reading this website does, I guess it would be best for them to contact you direct.



Q: owner of post office
I am trying to trace a member of my family, a Beatrice Hamlett(born 1904), she had three children william, douglas and joyce. I have been told thet she used to run the post office in Alsager, I would imagine that this would be in the 1960-70's. I wonder if you have any information about who owned the post office then, or know where i might find this information

thank you


A: Sorry, no ideas on this one.

All the best, Andy
Q: Alsager Town FC
Hi Andy

Just wondered if you were aware of the goings on at our local football club and the increasing amount of bad will and upset this is causing the local fan base. The club have been taken over by an out of town bully whose only purpose seems to be to rid it of local support, players and management and run the club into the ground.

I apprieciate this is not your problem, however I believe this duo's intentions to be able to get the contracts to build on the ajoining land. I plead with you to oppose any applications from the current board for this to happen.

We all want our team to progress and prosper as it would be great for the community, but not at the expense of these 2 mini dictators.


Q: Australian
Do you know of any particulars concerning Alsager people who emmigrated to Australia.

Many thanks -

A: Sorry, no ideas!