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Q: Out of control - Burning Organic material on the White Moss Quarry!

Have you noticed that the great stack of peat and vegetable matter behind our homes has now self combusted? Beacroft (I think) deliberately stacked it high on our side of the quarry to annoy us, but the fool didn't realise that 'compost' heaps give off heat. Well its now dried itself out and has naturally set itself alight. I have yesterday reported it to the Environmental Health Officer as we are now living in a constant smoke filled atmosphere, but I think more people should also follow my lead to bring a bigger concern to the EHO and others.

Can you please therefore contact the memnbers of your web site club - especially those in Close Lane, and have them make complaints ASAP.

I saw this morning that he had a digger on there trying to lower it a little, so I guess my action may have prompted something, but I fear that it is out of control and will burn for months on end unless some kind of expert on these matters goes in to advise the dopey sods. All they are doing is opening up the fire to more oxygen! He may be panicking and needs help, but won't spend his money on dead causes. If it was burning near his home he would of course.

Also, I am getting paranoid perhaps, but I also think he has dug a huge hole to fill with his waste from the 'Enviro skips' operation he has going now based at the old BMW site at Radway, but probably dumping it all into the hole on the quarry where the organic material came from. Another conspirtacy theory perhaps, but it would be typical of the character. Sod my neighbours sod planning permission, thats his bombastic style!

Thanks very much for listening and hgeklping.

Kind regards
Peter from No. 42.

A: Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am certainly happy to encourage other users of this web page to make their views known. Are you able to give an update on what was said by the Environmental Health Officer?


Andy Large