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Q: car's hifi stolen
Hiya, Andrew. I used to park my car in station road's car park (off crewe road one) in the evening. One day, when I finished work, I found that someone stole my car's stuff. I missed the car CD-player, coat, my traniee and some shopping stuffs which I bought in the morning (All I kept it at the back except car CD player). I didn't go to ploice station after it because I think it's useless. But what I want to say in here, just let you know. Hope it will not happened on other people.

A: Hi Heng,

I am really sorry to hear about this. I guess it is a reminder to us all that Alsager is not crime-free and we need to be vigilant. I do think you should report the matter to the Police but ultimately that is your decision.

Thanks and regards,


( Sent in by Tony Hayes Email: )
Dear Andrew,

Although I understand the victim’s anger and therefore frustration of being a victim of car-crime, I would like to point some very real facts that will hopefully give our residents the confidence and therefore reassurance that all crime needs to be reported. But before I do that I would like to provide some practical crime prevention advice:

NEVER leave any article in view in your vehicle, even for a few minutes. Take it with you or put it in the boot. At Alsager Police Station we can supply FREE vehicle window stickers that state your vehicle has nothing left in it.

Car crime has been a problem in Alsager in recent months. And on a positive note, a possible offender is being sort.

What is so vital is that it is reported to the Police. Crucial evidence could be gained from DNA or finger prints. It is taken seriously and it is not useless. Stolen property is found, but can only be returned if the Police know whom it belongs to. Reporting crime helps the Police by knowing which area(s) are being targeted. The Police will patrol areas “known” to be hotspots, erect signs warning vehicle owners and look to improve car-parks be informing local Council’s, advising Community Wardens and asking for example: for better lighting, better visibility even CCTV.

If the Police don’t know there has been a crime, they can do little to detect it. It is never useless, I know of every reported crime in Alsager. It is shame that I had to look at your web site to find out about this one. I know now, and will erect signs this week and increase our patrols around this area. I just ask the victim to help us and most importantly our other residents by reporting it.

This can be done by telephone: 01606 48000

If any resident needs practical advise on Crime Reduction or would like to speak to a Community Action Team Police Officer, they can leave a message on: 01244 613538, and we will return their call.

I hope you find this comment helpful.

Tony Hayes
Community Action Team
Alsager Police Station

Q: Crime-yobs

My Mum lives in the old peoples bungalows in Ashmead Close. Since the clocks have altered they are having problems with yobs throwing eggs at their houses, some people have had eggs pushed through their letter boxes too.We have notified the police, but the problem still persists, the same things happened last year too (they obviously feel safe under cover of darkness). We also have a friend who lives in a bungalow in Hall Drive and this has happened to her also (she too is elderly)-it seems to us that there is some sort of intimidation of elderly people going on in Alsager at the moment. Is there anything you could possibly do to help please with the police perhaps?

Thank you

A: Hi Ann,

Thanks for your message, I am sorry to hear about these issues and have notified the local Police about Ashmead Close being a problem hotspot.

Can I suggest you also contact Tony Hayes of Alsager Police on 01244 612760.

Many thanks,

Q: Crime
Dear Andrew,
My wife & I are considering moving to your beautiful village but having read some of the questions posted under your "crime" section I am, to be honest, having second thoughts.
I cannot believe that you have a heroin problem & cctv has caught 70....70!... culprits already.
Can you reassure me that Alsager is surely not in the vice like grip of a crime wave? I am mortified to think this may be the case.
Kevin Barber

A: Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I understand your concerns. Like any community, Alsager has it's problems. But I have to speak from experience and say that I think Alsager is an excellent place to live. Crime is (statistically speaking) low, people are friendly and we have great schools (particulalrly Alsager School). I see no evidence of a crime wave!!

All the best,

Andy Large
Q: Drug Abuse in Alsager

I have noticed that the Dunnocksfold bridle path is being used as a quiet place for drug taking. There is evidence of this especially at the entrance to the unused farm building on the left before Dunnocksfold farm. The place is littered with bits of aluminium foil with burn marks on. I don't know what level of drug abuse this is but I suspect it is heroin. Apart from the fact that it is not nice that this sort of thing is happening just around the corner where children play etc, the people doing this are driving there and then away again under the influence of drugs especially hard drugs such as heroin.
Do you liase with the local police on this type of issue? Is this something that you could bring to their attention?


A: Thanks for this information Andrew. Law enforcement authorities have been notified and are taking this very seriously.

All the best,

Q: Do you think the CCTV cameras have been a success?
How many criminals have been caught as a result?

A: I think they have been a qualified success. Certainly there have been a number of arrests and convictions (over 70 I beleive) so that has to be good.

We are left with the uneasy conclusion that we can't put CCTV everywhere because it will cost too much to install and monitor. So the Police will continue to play a very important role in enforcing law and order.