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Q: where are the childrens play areas?
A: Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question. There are a few in Alsager, but the ones that spring to mind are behind the COOP and at Poppyfields. Hope this helps.

Andy Large
Q: Childrens Play Areas
Whilst Alsager has a good number of open recreational spaces; I believe that the play areas for young children are very limited and run-down.

Are there any plans to improve them?

A: Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting in touch. Congleton Borough Council is currently reviewing the provision of play areas. The intention is to develop a play area strategy which I expect will better focus our resources on providing fewer (but higher quality, better maintained) play areas. With limited resources (because I don't know anyone who wants Council Tax to go up again) it comes down to a fairly blunt choice of quality versus quantity. Personally I am in favour of quality!

All the best,


( Sent in by Bev Woolrich )
I am in the process of distributing a petition around the village to gain support for improvement to Wood Park. I am aware that the council have limited funding, therefore, a lottery heritage grant seems to be a way of improving facilities.

The lottery requires community support. I intend to illustrate the support our community can provide.