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Q: Fish
What different types of fish are in the mere ?

A: Sorry, I have no idea!

Can I suggest you contact Alsager Anglers on 01782 782714.


Andy Large

Q: the mere
Hi Andrew

Do you know or could you find out what the largest fish caught was and when out of the Alsager mere.

A: Hi Jay,

Sorry, no ideas on that one. I would be surprised if records are kept down to the that level of detail.

Andy Large

( Sent in by alan )
There was a 32lb pike caught in 2002 by James Morrow.
Picture at
Q: the alsager mere
what makes the alsager mere famous?

A: Sorry but I had no idea that it was famous!
Q: re public access to the mere
Andrew - someone told me that a small portion of everyone's council tax goes towards maintenace of the Mere. Is that right?

A: Hi Lynne,

I have checked this with Congleton Borough Council and they have no knowledge of this levy. Where did you get this information from, if you don't mind me asking?

All the best,

Andy Large
Q: Access to the Mere
I would be interested to know your view about members of the public having access to the mere. Although there are two access sites they are limited. Personally I would welcome a restaurant, bar or cafe overlooking the mere. I think it would open up the beauty of the area to more people and it would be really good on a summers day to sit and look out on the water. Are there specific council planning restrictions on this idea, and if there are do you as our local councillor agree with them?

A: Hi Phil,

Sorry it has taken a little while to get an answer but I wanted to check on the facts.

The official view from the Borough Council is as follows. "Any proposals for a new business use backing onto the Mere would be judged on their own merits against the provisions of the Council's Local Plan. The properties on Crewe Road which have curtilages extending down to the Mere are mostly situated within the Principal Shopping Area where suitable retail uses are generally welcomed. Ancillary restaurant/café uses may be acceptable where there is no significant loss of retail floorspace or frontage involved and where there would be no loss of amenity to any nearby residential properties, no design issues raised, and no objections from the Highway Authority regarding parking or highway safety concerns. There is no overall planning policy which would prevent an appropriate enterprise from overlooking the Mere (subject to design and amenity issues being resolved) but there may be private restrictive covenants attached to individual properties which prevent their use for business purposes. For those properties in the residential areas of Church Road, Lodge Road and Sandbach Road North which have rear gardens fronting the Mere planning policy generally would not support restaurant or café uses in such locations. "

I agree it would be great to have more access to the Mere, but obviously this would come at significant cost because the access strip would need to be purchased. I am sure you are already aware of prices in that area! So we need to balance these issues. For the moment I think what we have is (in view of the cost of improving it) sufficient.

As to private restaurants or bars accessing the Mere, there would seem to be no planning fetter to this, so all we need is a local businessman ready to take the risk on such a venture, and the availability of a plot of land. Would you be interested in this yourself?!

All the best,

Q: Old Alsage
Dear Andrew

I am wondering whether you could help me. My family are from Alsager and it is my father's 65th birthday this year and I was wondering whether there was anywhere we could get a picture/painting of Alsager Mere. As a child he swam in it believe it or not!!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Heather Moulton

A: Hi Heather,

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question!.. I will keep looking around and if I turn up anything I will let you know...

All the best,


( Sent in by John Jones )
You can get pictures from Alsager Information Centre of aspects of Alsager. I don't know if there's one of the Mere, but you could try there!

( Sent in by Niall Riley )
I currently live on the Mere in Alsager and would be only too pleased to send you a couple of digital photo's.
Please let me have your e-mail address.

( Sent in by jay )
There are old drawings and pitcures in the library.

Q: the mere
Hi Andrew

hows the algae problem on the mere? because I read a disturbing article recently that algae can seriously put off potential buyers.

A: Hi Lynne,

I am not aware of an algae problem on the Mere, I must say. What is the problem and how did you get to hear about it?

Many thanks,

Q: Alsager Mere
Hi Andy

I believe I was once told that Alsager Mere was classed as 'common ground' and as such all members of the public have a right of access. Over the years it seems that local residents whose gardens back onto the Mere have taken it into their own hands to effectively fence off this area to the rest of the public.

It would be great to be able to stroll around OUR Mere and I believe it should be for all members of the public to enjoy, not just those fortunate or rich enough to be able to live backing onto it.

Can you confirm to me if I am correct in my belief and if so will the local council be doing anything to open up this area to the local population?

All the best

A: Hi Paul,

Thanks for your message.

My understanding (and I am not an expert on this subject) is that the legal status of access to the mere is somewhat indeterminate. I have heard the topic discussed at Alsager town council meetings before but to my recollection there has never been any will to do more than ensure that the two present access points are maintained.

I understand your desire to stroll around the mere but I expect that it is not likely to happen any time soon, sorry. It would involve a legal battle that I doubt any local council will have the stomach for because of the risks of losing and incurring costs.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings!

All the best,