Ask Andrew


Q: New apartment
do you know the name of the new apartment in Sandbach Road South (next to the charity shop) in Alsager? Also, if you know some information about this apartment, please provide it for me as well. Cheers!!!

A: Hi,

Sorry, I have no idea! Can I suggest you contact Stephenson Browne estate agents on 01270 883130.


Andy Large
Q: accommodation
I am going to move to here very soon. but i don't know this place. Any one can tell me where I can rent the flat or house, please? you can write it down the estate agency name and website. Thank you very much. I try to find it, but it's too hard. Because this area is very strange for me. Thank, anyway.

A: Hi Cora,

I would try this estate agency to start off with, although I don't think they specialise in the rental market.

In truth there does not seem to be a huge amount of good quality rental property in Alsager. What there is seems to be mostly advertised in the local papers.

All the best,

Q: somewhere to stay for a few days
im after a cheap place to stay for a few days when i pay my g/f a visit. she's currently at mmu in alsager. (lives in woodside avenue) i have been looking for somewhere but its either crewe or closer to stoke.

having problems with her flatmates so need somewhere to stay.

i hope you can help! can u give me a possible list of places where i can stay?


A: Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting in touch. The best place I can think of is the Old Mill hotel.

Old Mill
Crewe Road, Alsager,
Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire,
England, ST7 2UB

Tel: (uk+44) 0870 7522235

I hope this is of some some help.

All the best,