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question re AlsagerMrs. Larry Jones   23/06/2009

Hi I live in Canada. My sister who lives in Vancouver, Canada and I (we are twins)were taken to Alsager by our mother when we were quite young while our dad was stationed there. I remember the name only but not the place where we were taken to. Alsager is a name that has not left my brain and I always think of that place when I think of my dad who was training there for his naval duties.

Do you have any pictures, postcards or history of the training area where the Royal Naval sailors were being trained before they went to active duty on the Naval Ships.

My family lived in Glasgow, Scotland and while my dad was in England for his Naval training sometimes my mother would take us by train to Alsager to to see our dad. From what my mother told us we had a really great time running around and causing quite a scene as we were so young and inquisitive and being that there were two of us it caused quite a scene. Anyway what I can recall was it was a really nice village area but that was about all.

Do you have a library that has any archived information on the site of where the naval training was and what was involved! If so could you let me know (website or e mail so that I can find out any information and what the cost would be to have copies of the information made).

It would be interesting to have some history of what was involved re the training my father had to go through while being stationed there until he completed his time until his graduation on becoming a Naval Seaman etc. When he did complete his duties he left the Royal Navy as a Chief Petty Officer with Good Conduct. We were very proud of him. My father after he left the navy continued working either in shipbuilding and/or later as a Merchant Seaman until he was killed on a Grain Boat from Russia by falling or being pushed (there was an inquest in England) into an empty hold of a grain ship where he died after falling 40 feet. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

Anyway thank you for your time and I hope I can find some information.

Mrs.Larry(Jessie W.) Jones Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada