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Old straw hat *MISSING*James Alsager   26/10/2007

Dear Sir

I am, or rather was, a true patriot to the beautiful town of Alsager. I was born and raised there and have been in love since my birth in 1910, so much so that at one poit i felt it neccesary to change my name to show this love.
A very dark time arose in my life in the year 1936, i was a mere lad at 26. Someone, i still don't know who, stole my straw hat.
I am sorry to say that this blatant robbery was too much for this old fool. I moved out of the town i had for so long been proud to call home.
My new home in Congleton, however nice, does not in any shape or form replicate the warmth and, to me, almost perfection of Alsager.
I regret my move, and now wish to move back to your fantastic town.
I feel, however, that this move cannot be made until the return of my hat.
I urge anyone who stole a straw hat on the night 6th September 1936, please get in touch, and reuturn a hat that means even more to me than Alsager.
I love this town, but i love my hat more...
Please hand yourself in, return my hat, so i can be happy once more, and come to my real home.