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Brereton HallIan Eastabrook   23/06/2007

I have just been surfing the net and have come across Brereton Hall. Happy memories! I went there in October 1939 and was there until September 1940 when I left to go to Manchester Grammar School. My dormitory was the 1851 room where all the furniture was dated 1851 including the massive 4 poster. For one night I had to sleep in the "valet's room". Of course the other pupils told me to watch out for his ghost! I think I was put in there as a punishment.The love of my life was Irene Johnson - I wouldn't hear a word against her and remained faithful to her to the end! Two young ladies I remember because of their names although I think they were quite older than me were Jacqueline Marie Antoinette de Roper and Marie Wallace.

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