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7/P05/1148 White Moss QuarryPhillip Swann   30/09/2005

Subject: Planning application7/P05/1148 White Moss Quarry

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to object formally to the planning application made in relation to White Moss Quarry, on the edge of Alsager but actually in the Haslington ward of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council area, and the proposal to turn it into a transfer station recycling and dumping waste. I have read the application at the local library. It would be helpful to me if you could forward an electronic copy or direct me to the relevant place on Cheshire County Council web site.
The reasons for my objections are as follows:

Traffic hazard

An additional 60 vehicles a day entering and leaving Crewe Road would be dangerous. The plans suggest that the vehicles will be travelling both ways towards and away from Alsager. This could mean dozens of heavy vehicles travelling through Alsager centre for 6 days per week. Also the number 60 is an estimate. There would be no control over this number and it could be more. The noise from this activity and the dust and sand lifted would make it environmentally unfriendly. Further there is no reference to cleaning of vehicles before they leave the site and many of the vehicles leaving now have not been properly cleaned. There is also an entrance on Nursery Road and there is no guarantee that this would not be used; now or in the future.

Spoilt amenities.

The proposal is located next door to an existing property and is not far from a residential area. The plans to screen off the facility are vague.

Further, the proposed hours of work are an extension to existing usage causing further disruption. There is evidence that the applicant does not stick to the agreed hours of operation currently so how do we know that he will stick to any future arrangements.

Type of waste

The application is short on detail with regard to the type of waste to be recycled, but it does refer to industrial waste and the potential for hazardous substances. Given this type of waste and the mathematics not adding up in relation to inputs and outputs it would suggest that the site would be used for tipping. There are insufficient safeguards written into the proposal to satisfy residents.

Activity Control and Enforcement

This application is the thin end of the wedge. The quarry was due to be wound up some time ago and recently apparently it was given an extension with no consultation with local residents. This has generated an element of distrust in the operators. (And with Cheshire County Council) We are now asked to take on trust the level of self control that is proposed. For example there are no criteria set in
relation to emergency response or visual inspections of hazards.

The ability to enforce this activity from Chester is limited and we believe that it will be only a matter of time before the arrangements are violated. This is a private venture and not one managed by the council so the propensity for violation of the conditions is much more likely.


The level of noise that is described is apparently low. But in the absence of sufficient detail how are we to know that this will be the case. Again we are asked to accept things on trust. In the absence of any detail that is contained in the application how are local people expected to form judgements on this.

Previous planning application

I learnt recently that permission had been granted to extend the workings of the quarry for another few years. I live on Close Lane and was never consulted on this proposal; nor has anybody else in the vicinity. I would ask that the permission the council has already granted on this is suspended until proper due process of consultation has taken place.

The application itself

Having read the application it is extremely light on detail. It reads as though there has been a deliberate attempt at obfuscation. In short this application will be strongly challenged by people in the local community. I attended a public meeting last night of the Town Council at which 50 people of all ages turned up to raise their objections.

I would urge the members of committee to reject the application. There is enough evidence already to turn it down. If they are not minded to do that then it is only reasonable that a full public meeting is convened by the council with the applicant being required to have an exhibition with the full plans available and to be able to answer these questions.

My address is
64 Close Lane
Tel 01270 877388

This planning permission will not be accepted lightly and there is a potential for huge unrest locally. This is not a matter of 'not in my back yard' but is borne out of genuine concern on the effect of the environment and the deliberate attempt to mislead in the planning permission.

Given that this has a major impact on people I am sending a copy of this email to my local County Councillor, the Chairman of Development Control, the local ward District Councillors and to Gwyneth Dunwoody the MP who represents the area.

Yours faithfully

Phillip Swann