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Previous trip to Alsager Kevin Geiger   14/04/2001

Hi, my name is Kevin Geiger, I traveled to Alsager approximately 15 years ago to visit a friend that played on my football team when I was in Canada. I now live in Denver, Colorado in the United States. The reason for my email is to find out if anyone knows the whereabouts or how to contact the friends that I made so long ago in Alsager. The first gentlemen's name is Neil Ford. It was at his house that I stayed during my month long visit. We have lost touch. Secondly, there was a convenience store owned by a family I made friends with at the time. The kids at that time were about 16 years old and were named Hazel and Phillip.
If you could be any help it would greatly be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Kevin Geiger