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Recent vacation in Alsager Eric and Christine Holford   16/09/2001

Just come across your website.
On September 1st yr 2001 we return from a seventeen day vacation, it was our first trip back since 1977. We stayed at the Holly Trees for our vacation, it was a great place to stay. Alsager and the Potteries looked so nice and green, people were very friendly, the pubs and the food were so good. We went to the Wilbraham Arms on two Thursday evening, we also had supper a few times at the Plough Inn.

We enjoyed shopping at the co-op and the post office. We especially enjoy the fish and chips from the Chip store in Alsager and Kidsgrove.

My husband came from Talk Pitts, I came from Basford, we found staying in Alsager was very convenient to the main highways, and the beautiful country side.

It was so nice to be called "luv and duck" again.

Eric and Christine Holford.